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IS This REALLY the nvidia RTX 3080???TOP9 Tech News

I'm charging up I'm charging up the news.
lets go with the top 9 tech news

nvidia RTX 3080 leaks

rtx 3080

the design of the Nvidia graphics card was leaked like madness this week with several photos and mockups appearing online, the card apparently has a dual fan setup but with each fan on an opposite side of the heatsink so they're like blowing in opposite directions I know it looks weird but doesn't Everything doesn't look weird the first time you see it isn't that weirdness.
other rumors say the cooler alone could cost as much as a hundred and fifty dollars, fueling rampant speculation about the cost of the finished card, and German website lab Igor claims Nvidia's product and sales managers hadn't even seen these designs before their leak, so NVIDIA has started an internal investigation into how these photos came to be.
I'm guessing via cellphone you need to lock these Jensen will have to wait and see if the Green Team keeps this weird, wacky design when the cards actually launch later this year, but it sounds crazy enough to make it real. , no one would have guessed that you know.3080 ti price.rtx 3080 release date

ARM-powered Macs

apple macs

 apple has powered iPhones and iPads with custom designed ARM processors for years and now it lookslike they will finally do the same for Mac computers reliable leaker MarkHerman wrote a report for Bloomberg thisweek claiming that Apple will announce a
strategic shift away from Intelprocessors and towards desktop level ARMchips at the company's worldwidedevelopers conference or WWDC on June22nd we may also get an announcement foran iMac that basically looks like agiant iPad pro but that's a little lessexciting back to arm gurmann sourcesclaimed that the announcement is meantto give developers time to optimizetheir x86 mac OS apps before the firstarm powered macs arrived in 2021now arm powered Windows laptops haveactually existed for a while now butthey've been plagued by lackluster performance frankly inadequate app compatibility 
will Apple do a better job of making
desktop machines that don't suck problemeither way bummer for Intel hi tech

Intel Lakefield details

intel lakefield details

Intelactually has their own announcement tomake in the form of the company'sLakefield processors which areappropriately meant to be a competitorto ARM based chips Wow what a dayLakefield designs combined core i3 andi-5 modules built with the x86 sunnyCove architecture with smaller morepower efficient tremont atom course thissetup is very similar to the big littlearrangement used by Qualcomm and shouldgive Lakefield processors a similarpower and performance profile the bestpart is Lakefield is x86 meaning thatLakefield powered Windows machines mightsolve the problems experienced by armpowered windows fitted lights Lakefieldis making its debut in the samsunggalaxy book s but we should see it infoldable display pcs like the ThinkPad
x1 fold as well if those ever launchedah pandemics you know every time justlike the one would have guessed that .ai technology

Private Internet Access

it's time for the bad quacks brought toyou by private Internet access VPN whichlets you mask your IP and encrypt yourtraffic PIAA has over 3,300 servers andover 30 different countries and nobandwidth caps they offer configurableencryption levels and a kill switch tokeep you in control and when combinedwith private browsing best practices Pia can make websites think you are someanonymous user in some other countrypractise your acting and pretend you'reBritish wait why is that in my talkingpoints you can connect up to fivedevices at once whether they be WindowsMac Android iOS or Linux MPI Esme'sfeature blocks malware and trackingdomains try it at the link below with a30-day money-back guarantee for nothingwhat do the back rats do 

QUICK BITS Android 11 public beta

android 11

Google has released the public beta for Android 11featuring message bubbles an expanded power button menu and media controlsbaked into the quick settings if youwant to treat your phone like it's justsome sick experiment and not your bestfriend you can download it now and tryit out oh and watch Riley's video fromwhen he tried out the Developer Previewalthough that's probably a little out ofdate by nowbut it's really good it's a really goodvideo you did a good job so good 

Another Intel vulnerability

twomore speculative executionvulnerabilities have been found in Intelprocessors named SG ax and crosstalkwhile no active attacks have beenidentified that used the flaws hearingabout new attacks on Intel CPUs onceevery few months is getting a littletiring I mean I can understand why Appleis switching to arm like you know goingdown with the ship is noble but alsostupid if there's a perfectly good doorto float away on but only one will knowthe bill and the Apple can fit on thedoor Jack master

Motherboards overpowering Ryzen CPUs

 reports emerge this weekthat some x5 70 motherboards can runrise in processors at higher powerlevels than they're designed for whichhas led to concerns among horizon ownersthat their pcs might be at risk ofdamage well dr. Contras over at AnanTech has explained that the risk ofactual damage is extremely low so whilewe're all asking motherboard makers whatgave them the right to run our CPUs outof spec we can at least stop worryingthat playing valiance is gonna burn the house down hey got'em 

Honda cyber attacked

Honda has halted production atvehicle production facilities centavo dowe call them just vehicle facilities inOhio Turkey India and South Americaafter a cyberattack locked staff out oftheir systems using ransomware it seems like a bit of a random target to hit butmaybe some hackers got upset thatHonda's are just so darn reliable andwanted to take him down a notch that'sprobably not it 

PS5 event

and keep your eyes peeled on Sony's online channels tomorrow because the company is gonna have a big PlayStation 5 reveal event wealready know the specs for the consoleand what the controller looks like so itis expected that we will finally get tosee the physical box itself and more importantly learn how much it's going to cost .

comeback for more tech news we're gonna have our tech news first up by then a job I can charge up more 😅
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