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ps5 price and design, is it best than pc specs?

                               ps5 console                              

Sony finally revealed their ps5 let's talk about it .before that make sure to subscribe so you never miss another  news 

                              PS5 Design                               

a whole bunch of information was just revealed aboutthe PS 5 during their stream the other day so first let's start off with the design then we'll talk specs then I'll speculate about what the price might be and we'll wrap it up with talking about a few  games that will be coming out for the PS file system that I'm actually really looking forward to so starting off with the design here it looks a whole lot nicer than those leaked dev kit designs
ps5  dev kit
that were going around I mean those things look god-awful it looked like an alien ship that crashed on Planet ugly now here we see a design that looks a little bit like a router so it's not exactly the design that I was hoping for but overall it does look pretty good honestly
ps5  design
if we take a look at this thing here it's got a nice sleek design it's got colorsthat'll look good pretty much anywhereyou put it it can be set up in avertical position or you can lay it downflat if you just simply don't have roomunder your TV which is a really nicething to know I'm actually reallycurious to see how the Xbox will handlethat I'm sure you can lay that one flattoo but it does look a little bit weirdthat way so it looks pretty good to me so far 

                                     PS5  Cooling                                         

and taking a look at this design here we can see that they're actually taking cooling pretty seriously thistime around I know with the ps4 I owneda few and I had a few friends that ownedthem and whether it be the ps4 the ps4Pro they simply did not have thegreatest airflow and you know when you'dset those things down and a game wouldget going if especially if it was inlike a cabinet that didn't have a wholelot of airflow the fans inside thosethings would get going and it soundedlike a jet engine so it's good to seehere that there's a lot of spacing forairflow and taking a look it seems likethere's gonna be air going into theconsole through the bottom side of itnow I'm not entirely sure if it's justthrough that front bottom there orderful be coming through the actualbottom of the console as wellwe'll just have to see when it comes outbut at the very least it does look likeit'll be venting through there andexhausting up through that top sectionthere which is really good so it seemslike the vertical position will probablybe the ideal position to set thisconsole in for maximum thermals which ofcourse will allow youhit that boost clock more frequently soat least from what we've seen so farthat's probably the ideal way to set itsimply because hot air rises so it'll bea little bit more effective atexhausting the air set in the verticalposition at least from what I can see sofar

                               PS5 Connectivity                              

 in terms of connectivity startingwith the physical model here on thefront side you get what looks to be aUSB see a USB a a DVD drive and what Ibelieve is a micro SD card reader now Icould be wrong but from these imagesthat we have available to us here itdoes kind of look like that's what we'regonna get now of course on the digitaledition the DVD drive and what I believeto be the mini SD card reader is notthere but of course that'll allow it tobe a little bit cheaper

                                PS5 Specs                                 


 so now let's briefly go over the specs which shouldbe well known by now but let's touch on them anyway so as for the CPU we'regetting 8 ZEN two based CPU cores so that's gonna be a huge and I mean massive leap over those absolutely terrible mobile processor cores that we have in the current ps4 and Xbox one no was for the GPU here apparently the PS5 is going to have a 10.28 teraflop ,36compute unit MDRDN 2 based GPU that can clock up to 2.23 gigahertz which is  pretty high now the thing that we're not taking into account here is the factthat the rDNA 2 architecture is gonna have an IPC instruction per clock jump over the original rDNA architecture which can be found in desktop graphics cards such as the rx 5700 XT 5600 XT andso on and so forth right now so whatdoes this mean well let's be conservative and say that they get a 10%increase in IPC and so we can basically take that 10.28 teraflop number and take that times 1.1 which would be 11.308 teraflops inreality when we compare it to in our DNAone chip which actually would make that faster than even in overclock 5700 XTwhich is a 400 plus dollar GPU on thedesktop right now and will probably beroughly in the ballpark of a 2070 superwhich is a $500 GPU so this is gonna be a really really powerful GPU as long asthey can continue to hit those really high boost clocks of 2.23 gigahertz so that's very impressive 

                                           Memory &SSD                                        

 now as for memory we're gonna get apparently 16 gigabytes of GDDR 6 on a 256-bit bus which gets you 448 gigabytes per second of memory bandwidth that's pretty good and then for internal storage they're gonna have that super fast SSD I believe it'scapable of over 5 gigabytes per second transfer speeds which you can't even geton the PC right now now there are somePCIe 4 drives out right now that getpretty close and there are some comingout in the very near future that willactually exceed that speed but they'renot out yet and this is gonna be a huge improvement for games whether you playon PC Playstation or Xbox you're gonnasee a huge improvement to the gamescoming out and this is just great foreveryone 

                                         ps5 price                                         

so taking all those specs intoaccount one will the price be wellthere's no official price out thereright now but if I was to take my bestguess knowing how efficient themanufacturing on these AMD parts hasbeen getting and knowing how muchcheaper you can make it when you put theCPU in GPU and one die instead of makingtwo separate things well even thoughGPUs on PC might be around $400 so I know there will be some people expectingthis console to cost like eight hundredplus dollars that's to me that's justinsane no in reality I think they'regonna get their manufacturing cost veryvery low and they'll be able to sell youI think the all-digital version which bythe way does not have that DVD drive ithink they'll actually be able to get it as low as 449 now who knows it could beas high as $500 but i think that theycould probably make it happen especiallyif they're operating at slim margins oreven a loss now as for the version thathas that 4k blu-ray drive that's gonnabe more expensive I'm guessing it'll bea bare minimum of $500 maybe even 550 dollars and who knows it could end up being that these things go from 550 to 600 dollars but I'm gonna put my money on 450 for the all digital version and 500 for the version that has the 4k blu-ray drive to me that seems like it'sa spot where a lot of people would bewilling to pay that much it's not toohigh but at the same time it's not so cheap that they're going to be taking massive losses on each sale.ps5 release date

that's all I have for you for this one what do you think about the PS5 are you interested in buying one. are you not gonna buy one. are you really excited to see what it does the PC market let me know in the comments below and I'll try to get back to as many of you as I can and I'll see you in the next one . if you made it to the end of this blog  be sure to drop a comment lol  every time you do so Nvidia and Intel drop prices also if you want to see more click here  or check my latest news 
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