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iOS 14 Big News for our iphone! (heavy)

ios 14 news

                                     IOS 14 beta                                           

apple has finally formalized its future ios 14 and I simply suggest you quickly summarize all the big features that have been presented.
I assure you there will be many more features than what I will present in this BLOG. I will soon make another review which this time will group all the new features so not to miss it if it is still not done I you strongly invite you to subscribe to this blog.
so for those who are going to ask me how we do to install the current beta version I recommend that you install it when it is in public version then adjustment by a lot of bugs and it would be a bit of a shame to have to restore lose time on it I advise you to simply wait for the finalized version which will arrive during September when the future iphone is released.

                                  IOS 14  feature                                     

 for me the biggest novelty is that something we have been waiting for several years is finally the appearance of widgets on the spring board it will finally be something possible you can simply replace some icons with widgets At first glance, it seems to work with a lot of applications installed from above, such as a clock, map, stock market, weather, calendar, etc, etc. At first glance, we will have a choice of several small widget presentations for each icon. simply scrolled the time when there I am not 100% sure I will speak in the other blog whose logic I would say it is possible with apple we can have good surprises is the fact of installing other widgets that basic apple applications would confirm that in my future review.
then apple offers a new display on its home screen called apple library behind the lens it really makes your job easier especially if you have lots of applications it allows you to organize all the applications of your smartphone in the form of folders that will be created automatically by category and on the ground the goal is really to use less and less the page functionality when you have lots of icons.
 this functionality is something that is not at all new it has existed for several years on android smartphones it also exists on the ipad it is the picture in picture function which allows you to simply watch a video while doing something else at the same time the video will turn into a small window that we can move a little anywhere and that we can also enlarge
siri has changed and has been improved its appearance has been completely revised when we activate it it will not hide because we were doing whereas before it was the case it is much more discreet it will simply appear with its logo shape and also some small effects and responses can be in the form of notification.
they presented a new app good to see on the ground what it's worth compared to google translate but it is an application called translate which really allows to do the same things as google translate ie to do of translation and it's nice it's compatible French all would be integrated directly on the phone no need to go on the internet and offers a feature that simply makes it easier to make conversations especially with foreigners.
the messages application has the right to these modifications with in particular the possibility of pinning these messages so if you want to put an important message at the top of the list not you can do it.
 memos ji offers different styles even more and especially some objects including masks yeah.
 for group discussions the objective is to be as simple as possible we can already now directly respond to a particular message mentioned by people and receive notifications when there are people who mention us.
the maps application is much smarter much more recommendations and people who use an electric car will be rather happy since the maps application will be able to list the different charging stations also adapted to your roaming compared iphone 11 proto the model of your car and I think also the percentage of batteries you have left we can now show us a pollute or cluttered in order to offer us a little way to be able to divert them good they showed paris as an example it's nice for those who use the bike you will be happy because that at first we are shown the bike paths and even calculates the elevation of the route either if there are ascents of descents so this is suddenly if there are descents I take the metro then all these features are cool
new karki functionality and that's cool basically you will be able to transform your iphone into a key you will be able to open your car directly with your phone as well as start the car then at the start it will work with lanef if you just have to take the iphone and simply position it next to the car next to the door my lessons in 2021 thanks to the chip had a month you can simply get into your car with your iphone directly in the pocket of course it will take a compatible car also cut corsa from 2001 it is sure that it will not work the first compatible model would come from bmw.

and we finish with a new feature that we have on the app store application called a pipe which allows to launch a reduced application but without having downloaded it then it can be activated by different means by a simple qr codes share nfc it will be especially useful for certain services in stores or for example here I want to take a self-service scooter as I do not have the application no need at first glance to download it and I can use the scooter all right then I admit that it's nothing at all that intrigues me the most.find my iphone

                    IOS 14 RELEASE DATE                   

here are basically all the important news to know about this future ios14 of course once again there will be lots of news even more that I will talk about in another blog this one was really going for people who want to have information hyper quickly in all that something that interests me a lot is your opinion what you think at first glance of these new features on ios 14 put me a little comment for mapart I find that it is functionality to its tools and practical after yes there are some things that already existed on android are there now we have it on an iphone short friends I really hope you liked this summary
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