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News | The search for a coronavirus treatment , there is a solution?!

traitment coronavirus from Dr. George Yancopoulos
  •                        Race for treatment                                   

coronavirus us it's a really exciting approach because it has shown that it works with Ebola, we will talk about success here
as well as we heard from dr.foulChi There is a lot of hope that the antibodies that we can make outside the body, we can make them recombinant, as it's called enlarged bio-reactors can be made to humans and basically mimic the best of the type of immune response that you could get a vaccine without needing vaccines, so these treatments could be bridges or even alternatives to vaccines, as you said, we did this before we had a good track record, especially for a disease that is much more universally fatal than covid 19, which is a bola where we showed that the cocktail of antibodies that we had put together was made up of these antibodies which imitate what the body normally uses to fight a virus that we could generate, a cocktail outside the body grows and the bioreactors purify it, give it back to humans and, in these cases, were a disease like Ebola which, like Isaid, is a much more horrible and deadly universal disease than we could for example, people who were at the start of the infection in more than 90% of them with re antibody cocktail and therefore I think it gives a lot of hope that a similar approach that we're also trying for the coronavirus will be at least as effective coronavirus

  •      the start of the first clinical trials in humans - 

  • when this drug might be available?        

coronavirus tips you know we have done everything we can to speed up and do whatever is at risk so that we can possibly bring these potentially vital medicines as soon as possible to fight the pandemic, so we will hopefully start the clinic this week with our antibody cocktail and hopefully hopefully we can start getting data in a few weeks, which means that by summer, by the end of summer, these antibody cocktails may be more widely available to larger segments of the population coronavirus florida

  • the cocktail approach which could potentially protect against the evolution of the virus

  coronavirus californiaso I'm sure everyone probably remembers or knows that for traditional viral drugs, antiviral drugs like we are used for HIV or for hepatitis C involved unique drugs but very quickly viruses escape through mutagenesis and you have lost the effectiveness of the single drug therapy, so for traditional antiviral drugs, the fundamental realization of the waste combinations or cocktails might not only provide more effective results, but would also protect against escape by the virus by mutagenesis, as has been shown as I said for HIV, but now it has become the lesson for these new classes of drugs, the anti-body approaches that have not really been demonstrated, but many of us have prospectively predicted that this would be the case where we have recently shown that this is the case in preclinical studies s that treatments with simple antibodies are likely to escape quickly from the virus, but when we inject antibody cocktails together, which is what the body essentially does normally, these can be very resistant to this type This is why a fishtail approach designed prospectively as opposed to a single antibody approach and proposes this approach and it is the approach which, for us, will be the subject of clinical trials. . Lollipops focused on single antibody approaches, we were prospecting a little worried that they might lead to leakage and later problems more broadly and sowe strive to promote this cocktail approach coronavirus nyc coronavirus ohio
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from Dr. George Yancopoulos


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