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AMD Ryzen 4000 Specs, Release, Performance, Price! 4th Gen Desktop Ryzen CPUs Are INSANE!

amd ryzen 4000 zen 3 serie

                         AMD Ryzen 4000                           

leaked data shows early copies of noless than five rice and 4,000 processorswith the top one clocked at 4.6gigahertz this big lake includes both 8and 16 core models apparently again thisis huge because it's basically showingcloud speeds and core count of zen three basic views for the inn for soccerthis league goes hand-in-hand with allthe leaks which are pointing towards aslight bump in clock speed frequencystand against 13 rice and button big jump instructions per clock cycle or IPC it's done against and what does this all mean well it points towards 4th ryzen and based on zen three B and complete monster and in this blog we'regonna dive into this league but we alsogonna look at everything you need toknow about forty ryzen and in today'sblog we cannot look at specificationsfor five possible 4th ryzen and models wecannot talk performance pricing as wellas release dates the e tune hey what isup guys welcome to Fan News my name is youcef and as usual in case you're nterested in only a specific part ofthe blogyou find timestamps down belowin case your bit out of the loop and youhave zero idea what I'm talking abouthere's a super quick summary to get youup to speed so the third generation riceand processors from AMD were launched inJuly of 2019 and since then the companyhas expanded the zen architecture toinclude a 16 core rice and 939 50 egg zen in the beginning of 2020 AMD alsotook seven to two laptops and soon wealso expect to see these mobile Santabased Ryzen EP use with powerful a GPUto debute on on desktop these are knownas ap use because they also include aquite powerful AGP and if you are interested I actually made a whole videocovering basically everything you needto know about these powerful ap use andyou find that bloglinked up down below any way 40m for desktop based on sand 3is what is coming nextthis will be the last and finalgeneration for the infor socket which issomething worth having mine especiallyif you haven't invested in a ryzenPC build yet with rice and 5000 AMD years eventually moving to a new socket alright not at you up to speed let's look at theleak and this is the interesting part asit turns out eager wala sick from eagerslab has actually dug out some quiteinteresting lasers so together withindustry sources Walla SEC have found afive so called OPN codes and these arecodes that are printed on the processorsomething to have a mind here is thatthese so-called OPN codes or primarilyaimed at away amps and on top of thatthey are also engineering samples and soin other words these CPUs will never besold to end consumers what's interestinghere is that from the leaked data it ispossible to read out clock frequencies and so despite is being early samples wecan still look at this data and we can compare it with third-year Ryzen

                  AMD Ryzen 4000 Performance                       

we don't expect 4th ryzen and to get thatmuch high clock speeds stand against third ryzen but what's interesting with these processors the zen 3 is read likely to bring better performance for the same clock frequency thanks to a brand new architecture called zen 3 we actually looking at better performance on the same clock frequency and this is where are we gonna see the big performance difference 

                           AMD Ryzen 4000 Specs                        

but with that said yeah let'slook at the specifications for the up coming 4th ryzen so we got a total offive lead processors in total let'sstart with the eight core processors sothese numbers here represents a base andboost frequencies we actually see thatthis one has a base clock of 4.0 and aboost of 4.6 and this is actually verysimilar specifications as the horizonseven thirty eight hundred eggs whichhas a base clock of three point nine anda 4.5 GHZboost nine addition to this one we also find an eight-core variant with a clock frequencies a 4.4 boost and a base of 3.8 andthis is identical to the 12 core ice andnine 3900 X there doesn't seem to be anysuccessor to the 3900 X at least notvisible in this particular leaked dataon the 16 core models we got some quiteinteresting updates here so we have twomodels in total with a base and a turbo of 3.7 and 4.6 respectively these onesare clocked 100 megahertz lower stand against current ryzen9:39 fifty eggs while the base frequencyis actually 200 megahertz higher na inthis lake Walla cycle also clarifies thehigher clock frequencies unlikely toexpect with more well polished shipsbasically but it is still unclear howbig these clock speed bumps willeventually be but we do know theprocessors especially called AC ro isnot final version and eager actuallysaid in his YouTube video that we can expect to see at least 100 to 200megahertz frequency increase with Sam 3which again goes hand-in-hand with allthe leaks in case you want more sensorydetails I recommend having a look at my comprehensive rise in 4000 video  like the horizon 3000 family the successor is also manufactured on the SMC savan anometer technology but in a somewhatredefined design therefore the clockfrequencies are not believed to be youknow the big advantage of the fourth-generation instead the differencelies in the architecture called Sam 3and pretty much all leaks I have gone through suggests and three will get and improve the energy efficiency inaddition to a massive bump in instructions per clock cycle or IPC for short and if that wasn't enough leaks also suggest that the structure with CCXclusters is being scrapped for thebenefit of lower latencies and so whatthis means guys is the RAM speeds mightnot play as an important role on ryzen4000 like it used to keep in mind theseare leaks and and until Amy hasn'tconfirmed this yet we have to take theserumors with a grain of salt what is yourthoughts on zen three so far let me knowin the comments below 

                  AMD Ryzen 4000 Release Date                      

as per releasedate ryzen 4000 is set to launch or debute in August or September and inaddition to the fresh sentry based product India also plans a desktop 8core processor with integrated graphics and we believe that these are scheduled for July and in addition to that we also expect Navi 2x or big navvy to debute in September and so hard works guys we gota ton to look forward to there is noquestion about it that's

                       AMD Ryzen 4000 Price                           

 for pricing well nobody knows but expecting a similar price model as with current argharise and make sense with all things considered and so expecting a mid-range rise infive forty six hundred to sell for $1.99and a possible rise in seven forty seven hundred eggs selling for 280 dollarswouldn't be a reasonable at all but asalways I will keep you guys updated and so you want to make sure to subscribe so
that you don't miss anything and while that all that's it for today what is your thoughts on 4th ryzen and so far
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