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Clever Fish - English Small Stories To read For Kids

clever fish and the fisher man

  The name of the story is Clever Fish           

One day, a fisher man would fishing to a river as usual He throw his net into the river And he just sat waiting there for fish together So that He could sell a lot of fish in the market and get some good money from the fish after sometimesfisher manhooked relevant basil in the netThinking that, he must got a lot of fish in the net
He acted to count the net out of water But then he saw there is one tiny little fish in that net but then suddenly
clever fish
the fish start to talking to him said to the fisher man:
-oh fisher man, please please please,
 -leave me please leave me
fisher man did not give any attention
to the request of the fish But then again, the tiny little fish said to the fisher man :
 -oh fisher man, I will tell you something which is a huge help If you leave me back in water 
-I will tell all my friends about you. And I bring them to the bank coffee first. So that,when 
-you come next time you have much more fish 
Fisher man talk to himself :
-WOW, That is not bad 
He was thinking. He found...One tiny little fish today :
-Tomorrow I will got a lot of fish
Fisher man,Let's go the start little fish into the river again The tiny little fish was really happy happily into the river never to come back.Poor fisher man He came next day and expected There is a lot of fish with was very clever And because the clevernet He sell his life from the fisher man 
So, children. Moral of the story is: you have to be really really clever to save  your life from such Challenges moment

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