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we've all been there you've got a rather small problem in your  life but you really want to fix it with a piece of tech maybe your drinks aren'tstaying as cold as they should while you're out on your boat or your old flashlight isn't as bright as it used to be today we can help you solve these issues and many more so stick around as we explore 9 new gadgets andinventions that are available in 2020 online and on Amazon but before we get started don't forget to hit a subscribe and comment for not missing our future blogs. new .technology.ars tech

 Manta 5

 the manta 5 considers itself tobe cycling's newest frontier this is theworld's first bike that is intended tobe used on water the manta fivereplicates the experience of riding abike on land but perfectly translatesthat maneuverability to the water thisbike will help you explore the unknownor even just venture out with your lovedones for a weekend stroll across thenearest lake the bike aims to be usableby people of all fitness levels meaningthe bike shouldn't be too difficult toride even the water and easily drag youdown when paddling a built-in pedalassist can help those who are lessphysically able and is adjustable on thefly the top speed of the bike isestimated to be about 12 miles per hourand it's modular design makes it veryquick and easy to set up so that you canget to work quickly these bikes aredefinitely not for everyone as theyfetch a price of around $9,000 howeverthey are incredibly cool and areavailable for purchase right now 


tonal is a new product that can help you reimagine the way you workout for many years workouts havebeen largely the same go to the gym do afew reps run a few miles and drive homethough now you can bring the convenienceof a gym into your living room withtotal this is an all-in-one piece ofequipment that can help build full bodystrength with the use of a single devicethis machine can help you measure yourreps how many sets you have completedyour overall range of motion the amountof time you've spent under tension andso much morethe machine is video based so you alwayshave a clear explanation of the workoutyou should be doing this is consideredone of the most efficient ways toworkout in modern times it eliminatesthe need to expose yourself to theunpredictable atmosphere of a gymallowing you to look your best andworkout easily from the comfort of yourown home .tech. gadget

 amaze fit X 

the amazed fit Xis a new SmartWatch that launched onIndieGoGo and received four thousandnine hundred and fifty nine percent ofits original goal of just twentythousand dollars meaning this watch hasraised nearly 1 million dollars in itsshort time on the market this is areimagined version of a SmartWatch thatcomes with a curved display and offers24/7 heart tracking technology the watchfeatures a two inch OLED display with aPPG sensor to track your health it iswater-resistant and will monitor yoursleep patterns if you choose to do so itoffers several sports modes and claimsto have a battery life of seven days itsbody is made out of metal meaning it isincredibly durable and ready for all ofyour difficult day-to-day tasks it evenhas a blood oxygen meter this watch idesigned to perfectly contour to yourwrist and make your watch feel asnatural as possible its bigger displayallows you to view all of your statsinstantly without needing to swipethrough various screens to find yourdata with a price tag of just onehundred and fifty nine dollars thiswatch is difficult to pass up .high tech

Mix Pro 

the white shark mix Proclaims to be the ultimate underwaterscooter you may be wondering what anunderwater scooter is but trust us it issomething you need in your life rightnow this device makes scuba divingshockingly easy you simply hold onto thehandles of the device and it will pullyou through the water with ease itoffers a 60 minute battery life in acamera mount so that you can film yourunderwater adventures it can chargewithin just two hours and is designed tobe used by the whole family so long aseveryone is properly trained in itsfunctionality it can pull your body upto 1.8 metres per second which isshockingly fast for such a small deviceit has a low battery alert so you willalways know when you need to return tothe surface and it can be charged injust two hours when it dies with a pricetag of 399 dollars these scooters arepriced to sell and will not last long 

ONE80 light 

one80 is a new type ofheadlamp that offers 180 degreeillumination for all of your homeimprovement camping automotive repair oroutdoor headlamp needs with the 180 youcan say goodbye to limited tunnel visionthat is provided by most headlamps andwelcome in 180s patent-pendingtechnology that helps you see your fullperipheral without hassle the headlampis so lightweight that you will likelyforget that you are even wearing it asit weighs just 3.3 ounces the headlampis quite comfortable to wear and doesn'thave any bulky protruding parts to causediscomfort it is fully rechargeable withits built-in micro USB recharging portit can illuminate up to 360 lumens andis available now you can find this lighton Amazon though it is currently soldout so pricing is not available thecompany plans to get more stock in verysoon 

mobile pixels duex pro 

mobilepixels duex pro is a portable monitorthat is designed to be used with laptopsthe screen is about 12.5 inches makingit the size of most laptop screens thisdevice was designed to give you anincreased amount of work space or asecond virtual desktop for those of youwho may type a lot edit videos or dophoto editing a large screen is a musthave however a secondary screen canoften work just as well the screenconnects to your device through USB C itcan either mirror your desktop image orextend it it is compatible with Mac andPCs and can be found just for 269dollars the screen offers incrediblecolor accuracy and is suitable fornearly any laptop with USB Cconnectivity grab them now beforethey're gone because these screens willnot last long at this price .tech news

atmo blue

 atmo blue is a device that we all need now more than ever this device aims to provide clean airfor everyone offering a filter rating ofaround 99.97% meaning this mask canfilter out nearly all harmful pollutantsthat may surround you you can breathefresh and clean air while out in publicmowing the lawn painting your house orcountless other applications this maskis designed to be used nearly anywhereand is curable enough to survive througheven the most difficult tasks orprojects these masks are available forone hundred and forty-nine dollars onIndieGoGo and are expected to ship inAugust of 2020 considering recent eventsit is likely that these masks will sellout quite quickly so don't delay if youare interested in purchasing one


 beeline is a smart compass that isdesigned to be used with bikes ofvarious shapes and sizes it's not uncommon for bikers to need to knowtheir speed and direction while they aretraveling most of us use our phones fornavigation but phones are very difficultto use while on a bike and post seriousrisk for motorists and bikers a like thisdevice aims to replace your phone as itclips to the handle of your bike andinforms you of your traveling directionand your speed automatically you'llnever need to remove your phone fromyour pocket as it also offers Bluetooth GPS guidance the product is waterproofand Wireless suitable for all yourbiking needs grab one now on Amazon forjust 139 dollars 

 blue quench Qooler 

blue quench is a company responsible fora variety of cooler products the bluequench cooler is the latest in theirlineup this cooler can cool your drinksfrom room-temperature it as little as 60seconds it is designed to be takenwherever you go it will fit in perfectlyat a beach a picnic or a barbecuecookout you will be the life of theparty with this new device that requiresno ice it is completely rechargeablesimply turn the cooler onwait a few minutes for your ice coldbeverage these coolers aren't availablefor sale just yet but they are expectedto be available sometime in 2020
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