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Next-Gen | Unreal Engine 5 Revealed! Demo Running on PlayStation 5

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today, as announcements for the Summer Games Fest begin to gain momentum, we received the announcement from Unreal Engine 5 in our first comprehensive overview of next generation graphics for next generation consoles and high-end computers, we also got to see it through PlayStation 5 gameplay you know a technical demo which is PS 5 code direct, there is a lot of technical information here and some people were probably crazy that this revelation was not like the next Batman game or whatever, but this is still important for the next generation of video games, no matter what platform you are playing on, we will try to break down some of them and see what which is exciting ue4 unreal 4

unreal engine 5   1998-2020                                                              

Unreal Engine is one of the dominant engines that games have been built on for quite some time. It's not an epic exclusive thing, it's not just a few games if you play video games, there are 90 % of chances that you will play one working in an unreal form these tools that developers use to create their Unreal Engine 5 or V games if you are nasty comes in 2021 so expect it to be important for them games you will be playing on your high end PC PS 5 or Xbox X series sorry Nintendo Switch for now, I guess anyway, unreal engine 4

ABOUT THE GRAPHICS                                                                                 

let's talk about exciting sexy graphic stuff, we're not super awesome here, but let's try to highlight what looks cool, so this demo this game demo who likes yes, it's not real gameplay with a HUD but it was a little experience game built and played on PlayStation 5 technology like the one -this will not be have a game just a small slice to demonstrate, but they reiterated that this is a real PS 5 gameplay, their quote runs live on a Playstation 5  BUT RTX 2060 IS THE MINIMUM

latest features about UE5                                                                 


so one of the last features touted first and above all is the virtualized micro-polygon technology Nanite, it rethinks the traditional way in which polygons work in games and the way in which worlds and objects of games are constructed, it is a system for constructing virtual geometry which, and I quote, may be unnoticeable from high quality real world scanneditems and this is at a Pixellevel sub, they have touted the scanning of movie quality a lot of times and how things are already working in the movie industry with unreal andepic technology so now they're trying to make it easy to do stuff like that, mapping the game apparently will also be a thing of the past with the way this digitization we could see these high quality statues made up of millions of triangles and it seems incredible 
 the idea with this ultra high quality geometry makes the games much easier and gives the developers time to focus on other details and you can now have super detailed photorealistic objects and the environment thanks to tens of billions of these little triangles that bui If you watch the live stream, you probably remember that they talked a lot about triangles, what was most interesting when Tim Sweeney complimented the architecture of the PlayStation 5, they went into detail on how the game is built so that several million triangles cannot all be in memory at once , but thanks to the high speed I / O of PlayStation 5 and next generation elements, the game will be able to broadcast in these triangles almost in real time when you move in the environment, what we heard in thepast by X Box and PlayStation 5 their speed of storage in read / write SSD high technology personalized next generation at high speed, they said it was game-changing, but now this is confirmed by a third-party company that builds this technology, load times are going to be a thing of the past, unreal people now expressed that this is something I take good sure with a grain of salt i have to see it to believe it but the technology on paper looks very exciting 


this new Unreal engine is the leaps forward it does in terms of lighting so first of all Unreal Engine 5 has lumen which, according to them, is a fully dynamic global lighting solution which reacts immediately to changes in scene and light. era, it even includes global multi-bounce lighting what it actually means is that there are no light cards or baked lighting needed, everything is done through this lumen system, it's a little wild in the demo, they show you how they can react accordingly and of course we can't assert this enough, it does it all in real time, it's crazy .
what is also really cool is that all of these amazing lumens stuff are used in conjunction with the abilities radically revised and improved texturing and geometry introduced with this nanotechnology that used water before so you can create precise, fully dynamic pixel shadows that have the potential to really increase the level of photo realism we can see in games using Unreal Engine 5 because you have these real world scans, they are made of millions of billions of triangles but of how the light the way the light works in conjunction with what has to seem convincing which l really sold 


so yes that kind of meaning right now with new light technology of course comes from improvements in the audio which are only briefly discussed, but uneverberverberation in virtual spaces is going to be more defined and we've talked a little bit in the past about how manufacturers focus on improving immersive audio and how sound can pass through game worlds like ray-traced light, and even if it was some kind of briefing, I expect to hear a lot more in the future,

NIAGARA SYSTEM EFFECT                                                                                                                    

then of course the Niagara system has the effects of powerful particles which are basically more intelligent simulations than we could see the bats as convincingly realistic information, we have to see thousands of bugs all made scattered on the ground and reacted in real time to the lighting systems with spatial awareness, it seems like there are some pretty complex things going on on a micro scale, but in like a really impressive way and with of course some animation enhancements, this will probably be used on a more developed basis, but still easier for contextual animations, so when a character is going to do something new or interact with something, there is no stuttering or a small gap between what they do, we also saw dynamic placement of the predictive foot that works with The amazing geometry mentioned earlier you know a more natural walk on the ground itself and all the imperfections and all that all so that wrapped up and cooked in the toolset that the developers used to create the games means the future of the games can be pretty exciting all this stuff is as cool as anything else 

EPIC GAMES AND UE5                                                                                                                  

another Unreal news said Engine that was broadcast under the radar is how the epic will continue to monetize the engine in the future, he was buried at the very bottom of the blog offi UnrealEngine sky, but as of today the day of this Unreal 5 announcement, anyone can download and use you know previous Unreal Engine for free, as has been the case for quite some time now with Unreal Engine4, but now instead of paying 5% royalties after a game earns $ 3,000 per quarter, developers will pay no royalties until those revenues exceed $ 1 million, which is now the case when 5% comes into play and it's wild, it continues to lower the entry of the barrierto for many young lopers considering that if a small game does not really make numbers and never crosses this threshold of a million dollars the engine use is basically free which is very important and we obviously love the games so if more people can go out and try to create the craziest things they can imagine and really experience with ec the medium and what they can do with it at a much lower investment cost and risk. games unreal engine 4


We will reap this as a victory which combined with just the graphic quality of today seems pretty sweet obviously this demo is beautiful is this a real demo of real video game  I would not say really, but it's a real thing built that works on technology that is always impressive, especially if you apply it to what the game would be, c is like a girl running and jumping in the cave, we have played a lot of games already where there is a girl running and jumping in a cave, so we can't wait to hear what you think in the comments hopefully we got you helped learn something or two sorry if we messed up some of our notes but we are not video game developers but we are just trying to get things through, we just love to hear from you in the comments what young people think of you about the future of video game graphics that PlayStation 5 previewed here,
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 just the next generation of graphics in general load times let's talk about it all you liked this blog maybe you will learn something. commenting and sharing with a legitimate friend helps us and if you are new maybe consider subscribing


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