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News|Goodbye Corona, Stephen Van Gucht preaches the world and exclusive statements from Trump

the solution of trump for erasing corona virus(corona extra)


 on the latest news   Science is all concerned with this deadly epidemic, while there are countries struggling to limit the spread of the virus, and others are seeking to find an effective vaccine to eliminate it, and among scientists who provide convincing advice and answers and crazy people make catastrophic statements that almost make you suspect that those who said it were not aware of 

.Steven van Gucht's remarks        🎫                                                 

 there is a Belgian virologist, Stephen Van Gucht, the world preaches the success of a vaccine test against this virus on animals, and also gave positive results on humans.

In light of the heated race towards finding an effective vaccine against this epidemic, Stephen Van Gucht said that a vaccine against the virus had been tested on animals and had good results, and then the test appeared in humans and the results were Promising. The Egyptian is in the process of conducting a serum test on a larger group of citizens in preparation for its approval, and he confirmed that the serum will be officially announced soon, but producing enough quantities for the whole world will not be an easy process, and he said that in the middle of next year, the whole world will be immune to this epidemic.

 donald trump's remarks        😶                                                        

Trump continues to amaze us with his statements as the most accurate expression, and this time he comes out with a treatment for this epidemic that no one has imagined, even the most senior scholars stood together please and clapped for this genius to know the details about this matter, please follow us to the end please

As for the rise in temperature, it will limit the spread of this virus. Germany and Britain started testing a promising vaccine, according to Germany. As for President Donald Trump, he returned to give himself a strong channel from the scientific community and the medical community, after what was suggested during a press conference at the White House last week. Antiseptic substances inside the bodies of those affected by the epidemic Trump's statement came while a US official presented the results of the study clarifying possible strategies to combat the epidemic Virus  in the White House 

Dr. Deora Pearce said "Suppose you expose the body strongly to ultraviolet rays or just intense light and I think you mentioned that this was not explored but they will test it" and followed trump saying, "I see how antiseptic can eliminate the virus in one minute"


Was there a way To do this by injection internally or something like cleaning, it is interesting to try it. Many countries are trying hard to find a vaccine for this epidemic while Trump continues to impress us with his helpful advice and strong scientific statements.
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