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LATEST NEWS | Tekashi/6ix9nine and his public reaction ( 2M viewers on instagram)

latest news about the buzz of Tekashi/6ix9nine when he's free and  his  public reaction ( 2M viewers on instagram)

tekashi 6ix9nine ooficially released                                                  

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Takashi's 6ix9ine officially released from prisonEarlier today the media was buzzing and there was a lot of rumors and talk about 69 being released the first thing that everyone did assume was April Fool's but with new
Updates that have been revealed it has been confirmed that this is not a joke, and these are official statementsYou'll want to hear the details of this release. So stay tuned also Don't forget to leave a comment on this blog if you are a fan of 69
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If you haven't been keeping up with Takashi's situation then just a quick update for you 69 has been sitting in jail serving his two-year sentence
He was facing 47 years But as a result of him cooperating with the feds and snitching he got his time reduced to just two years with time served
He was originally scheduled to be released on August 2nd of 2020, which is only a couple of months away
But today is the day

tekashi and the judge                                                          

Recently, on the latest news from 6IX9NINE asked the judge to serve his sentence at home
Claiming that he was in danger in prison and felt that his life was in danger, this request was rejected,So the time for his release was still set in August and then shortly thereafter the judge asked 6IX9INE again if he could spend the rest of his sentence at home ,This time it was caused by the coronavirus.
She said that Takashi has so bad Asthma and other health risks that make it more likely to die from coronavirus circulating around the prison.
Originally, the request was rejected. But today, as I said, the media has started to make a fuss about his release,It was believed to be a common April Fool's Day ,But it is not running.

Wednesday a letter from the judge said he wanted to release 69 if he had the authority ,He is being held in a private prison because of the danger,It was revenge on the nitrate members gaining blood This means that he is not technically being held by the prison office, which gives the judge the power to release him It is exactly what he plans to do. The judge wrote to federal prosecutors ordering the government that they need to respond to any Objections by five in the evening

Today, if they do not, then this means that the judge will have the authority, and this means that he will release sixnine .

Six nine will be free today.

latest top ,It's a funny coincidence that this not only lands April Fools,But he also doesn't have to worry about watching his back for a while Virus has these streets empty. So it will be something very interesting when it comes to everything.
This version will be The most talked about thing in the media and I'm very curious to see if he jumps live on social media or just it Stay low and get out of the way. We will officially know before five in the morning, and we will update you .
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So with that I'm going to end this blog here,
Let me know what you think about this madness in the comments Also

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