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This 5G Smartphone charges in 35min! realme X50PRO(it's crazy)

realme X50pro the cheapest smartphone winth 5g and ultra speed charging in just 35min

realme X50 PRO 5g wireless                                                      

hi everyone it's Fan News i just got a new smartphone that just came out with huge features for its price. we are limited to the best quality price report of a smartphone that has everything from a high range. this is the realme x50 pro. if you do not know the brand realme this is completely normal it is a new brand that has existed for two years, moreover it is part of the same group as oppo one plus and vivo 5g 5g 2020, so
it is not just anything and it does not happen with empty hands but with lots of smartphones with excellent
value for money, they have smartphones at 200 , 300 euros
and I present their top of the range from 599 euros.
and what they take inside is really heavy in addition to and for those who are interested in this smartphone know that there is an offer until May 31 for the purchase of this smartphone they offer you wireless headphones realme buds wireless worth 40 euros you will check by 
clicking here.
5g technology


 So here is the box with a very imposing youngster with on the back some examples of what we have inside. We have a pocket with inside at first, it's cool, you have a shell of transparent protection which is provided with, there it is quite simply the notices, then the famous smartphone and in red it is super stylish or it is rare that there are brands which precisely launch a red color, it is super beautiful in addition, we have a usb to usb type C cable, then you have the big usb charger the SUPERDART which offers a 65 watt recharge is just huge I will tell you about it right after. so here is the realme x50 pro with a premium design that can make you think of the high-end smartphones of the moment what really changes is the choice of green and red colors which are not usual, moreover they each have their own name, green foam and rustic red, personally I who love red you can guess which one I prefer is red. 5g banned


on this model the power button is located on the right the volume buttons on the left it is equipped with two speakers offering stereo feedback and using dolby atmos technology, and then we have a usb type C port, no mini jack we start to be used to,


another advantage for this smartphone for its price is its screen which takes a good part of the front face with a size of 6.44 inches a definition full hd more and a frame rate of 90 hertz, it is of course equipped with a fingerprint sensor under the screen to unlock your smartphone with your finger and if you wish you also have facial security, both are very fast, it's up to you to see which one you prefer can also use 2 if you wish, behind it is a super amoled screen from samsung so sign of quality, it is true that we would have preferred to have a quad hd screen with a frequency of 120 hertz but the price would have much more inflated, there on the other hand for its price you are going to be shocked it is equipped with very very very very very fast recharging it is the SUPERDART charges which allows you to please make a full recharge in 35 minutes, yes i did say 35 minutes it's super fast it's one of the very first smartphones to be equipped with this technology, it puts a very big slap to all the high-end smartphones behind it is a 65 watt recharge I don't know if you imagine the trick to give you an idea for fast charging at apple you have to use 18 watts it is 65 watts


in addition to that the battery is impressive 4200 mAh to see over several days of use what it is worth, but in any case if you are in lack of battery you have very very fast recharging


the photo is important, and above you really have everything, the main one of 64 megapixels with aperture 1.8, a wide angle of 8 megapixels with aperture 2.3 allows to take photos with an angle 119 degree which also makes it possible to make macro photos therefore very close photos, such a 12 megapixel lens with aperture 2.5 which allows an optical zoom x 2 and finally to finish a 2 megapixel with aperture 2.4 which will be used in particular for photos in portrait mode,
in front camera you have two main lenses of 30 mega pixels with aperture 2.5 and a wide angle of 8 megapixels with aperture 2.2, and frankly it's nice to see a double lens which is not used only for photos in mode portrait, there are very few smartphones that offer this, and frankly I would like to have it a little everywhere. if you like photos farting well saturated with sharpness you will be conquered and suddenly the rendering is much less natural c is really according to your tastes. it is the photo processing which is proposed by realme and you have gone even further with their artificial intelligence mode if you have a preference for a natural rendering and therefore want a photo without retouching know you have a professional bin that we pay in video it is able to film in 4k 30fps is at the front max of full hd 30 fps on my side I find that video is the weak point of the smartphone already we can not film in 4k with the wide-angle c-max of full hd 30fps is also no stabilization if you want a stabilized video you must use the stabilizer mode which is extremely effective but too bad not compatible in 4k the video goes directly to full hd 60 fps. in my opinion they will release an update to improve the video part it happens that a manufacturer by simple update significantly change the quality, I admit we will not be on the best photophone of the year but we are on a s full martphone that responds to any type of request today I want to take wide-angle photos zoom photos and portrait mode photos of mackerel you can do everything


the big advantage of this smartphone is that it is equipped with the best current processor which is the stadium ragon 865 it is also one of the cheapest smartphones that offers this processor, so no problem to launch the latest games of the moment and large applications snapdragon x55 snopes 5g verizon  5g


regarding OS we are under android 10 with the manufacturer interface, aesthetically it's clean. you have several settings to modify the custom page change effects of the icons you also have useful functionalities like using two applications at the same time it is the first time that I use it and it is rather well successful, points also which can be as important you have all the google services directly on it. all that to say that the realme X50 pro sends very very heavy for this price compared to what they embark level power the fact that it is a very beautiful smartphone a full camera a very beautiful screen of 90 hertz ultra fluid the ultra-fast recharge the 5g the wifi 6, it is very difficult to find better than below 599 euros if you are interested I will let you
 check here


you have three versions with different prices I tell you direct, 8 giga ram 128 gb internal memory 599.90 euro. 8 gb of 256gb ram 669.90 euro, and finally the big 12gb of 256gb ram
749.90 euro.

tell me in a comment at first glance what you think about it,
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and on that we will meet in a next blog, peace.
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