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The Fastest Internet EVER!?TOP7 Tech News

You are about to enter a dimension not only of sight and sound, but also of the mind, You have just crossed the tech news zone bro! .

The Fastest Internet EVER                                                            

australia records fastest internet speed ever

Australian researchers claim to have recorded the fastest Internet data speed of all time at 44.2 to / s, but frankly. I am a little skeptical. I mean the toilet is pulling the other way over there. They are all standing on the ceiling. Can we really trust them? The milestone was apparently accomplished by a team from Monash Swinburne and RMIT University, who don't even look like real places anyway, they developed an optical chip called a soliton crystal micro-comb that splits light that crosses Internet cables in 80 single channels and then sent the data through a 50-mile loop made of existing fibers to reach revolutionary speed if they really did,speed test internet speed test internet archive wifi booster.

INTEL TIGER PROCESSOR                                                        

intel upcomingtiger lame mobil chips look prtty impressive

 is that Intel's upcoming Tiger Lake mobile chips look pretty impressive if the leaked specs are something to be followed by the GPU leaks from these laptop processors that will be the first mainstream versions of Intel XE graphics technology. rumors, Tiger Lake graphics performance could be up to twice that of integrated ice lakes Such a jump could mean that Intel GPUs have a chance to compete with AMD APUs with integrated Vega chips Leaks align with the previous ones suggesting that Intel's XE products will at least initially focus on powerful options rather than high-end discrete cards intended to fight with Nvidia and AMD Because they wouldn't really luck anyway i mean nvidia has already made the biggest graphics card in the world anyway they baked it.

STOLEN KEYS FROM G2A                                                          

G2A pays factorio devloper 39,600 over illegallyobtained game kays

 and for a time g2 has fought accusations that its site is used to sell stolen game keys and, in an attempt to erase its name, appears to have proven these accusations. Correct g2a has requested an independent audit of its market. Why did they do this? an offer which was accepted by factorio developer woob software after an internal esta Gatien It was found that one hundred ninety-eight stolen keys had been sold on the g2a market. nine thousand six hundred dollars ten times the value of full-priced game keys g2a maintains that these keys were sold by bad actors abusing their policies and they are committed to compensating the developers for any loss. They suffer from sales of illegitimate keys in the market Well, here is a hard g2a money pill. I can't solve all of your problems Looks like it helped in this case.

NVIDIA RECREATES PAC-MAN?????!!                                 

Nvidia's revreates Pac-Man from scratch jsut by watching it being played

An Nvidia AI project called the Gann game has apparently been able to recreate pac-man the game from scratch after watching 50,000 hours of play. The result is even playable by real humans, you know I don't know how much it's impressive. As you saw pac-man? I think if I looked at 50,000 hours of pac-man. I could probably build a rhythm saber which is a much better game.

Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition                                                           

GAlaxy S20 tactical edition is a shock-and-awe compain against reality

 So you love your phone, but it's just not designed to withstand mortar shells. I guess you need the tactical addition of the Samsung Galaxy S 20, a mission-ready smartphone solution tailored to the unique needs of operators in the federal government and the Department of Defense. Oh wow, there is the end of the quotes and yes, it's an ordinary s20 in a sturdy case. Is it really fair in a sturdy case? Do you have to make fun of me? So yes, I thought the active line could be bad. Oh byt ah.

Doom Eternal a Software Removing Anti -Cheat                         

Domm Eternal removing denuvo ANti-cheat after backlash

it's software removes the eternal doom newborn anti-cheat despite several steps to make the driver at the kernel level less intrusive, the developer has undergone an intense reaction because, like Gah for players, the only kernels we want see are those at the bottom of the popcorn bowl They're going to break your teeth. If you try to eat them, you knowhardcore styles And all the source code for the original Xbox was leaked ugly. Are you serious? Including the development kit? emulators and the kernel itself Although some of these tools have been available in the homebrew community for quite some time This leak means that emulation of OG xbox games could get a huge boost. Someone just has to make a smoother emulator for obi-wan, then I'll be really glad I have no idea what game you're talking about.

Samsung Outdoor TV From 3500$                                            

Samsung's first outdoor TV is called the Terrace and starts at 3500$

 and Samsung announced the outdoor weather resistant 2000 NIT model 2000 NIT for outdoor use You know for the times when you are tired of sitting on your couch in the living room and you want to sit on your couch On the terrace, you know going outside to absorb some rays It is much better there and it would be better if we finish this episode now so that you can come back Monday for more technological news. You know what? I'm going to soak up the rays so I know I'm going to follow the Kardashians and you know how to get one I'm going to get a tan from sunglasses because that's the kind of people I imagine watching Keeping Up with The Kardashians I only watch him ironically 😂SO HOPE YOU ENJOY AND please tell me on the comment your favorite international news
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