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LATEST NEWS: 5G technology and its relationship to what is going on in the world today

are the 5G technology harmfull for our health

5G 2020 technology                                                                    

After years of testing and testing, 5G  News services are slated to be widely launched in Europe, beginning in 2020. The fifth generation networks represent the next generation networks to connect to the Internet, which will provide a very high bandwidth, in addition to more reliable communications for the devices. and   for About 5G ping ,wifi 5G,It will be at least 100 times faster than the fourth generation and can be thousands of times, which allows downloading high-quality videos and movies in seconds for example, and will facilitate the process of communicating with home appliances remotely and in airplanes and other areas that need a strong internet with high flow .

The advantages of the fifth generation networks💥                       

5G was designed for a world in which billions of devices will rely on a fixed internet connection, and the first group of mobile phones that support the fifth generation network was available last September, and the first network infrastructure was completed in many countries and according to the European Commission it is one of the most important technology  of our digital economy and our society in the next decade. The Commission also said that the 5G technology  that will allow devices to process a large volume of data will be done with the least amount of delay will enhance artificial intelligence as well as cloud computing, over time the entire economic activity will be affected by the infrastructure Of the fifth generation, which will accelerate the digital transformation of companies and the adoption of many sectors of the new technology and thus the fourth Industrial Revolution.

5G technology and the European Union💬                                     

5G technology is currently being developed all over the world. The European Union adopted its own action plan to implement the new technology in 2016 with the aim of launching the fifth generation services in all 28 member countries.
   By the end of 2020 at the latest, followed by rapid accumulation to ensure uninterrupted coverage in all urban areas and along major areas of transport routes by 2025
 Between the years 2014 and 2020, the European Union spent 700 million euros on 5G technology, while a private sector invested more than three billion euros, according to an analysis conducted by a global system for the mobile phone association estimated that by the middle of the decade about one in three of the 5G networks would be used. The figures indicate that the technology of the fifth generation in Europe will be present at 31% in 2025, which means 217 million

5G technology characteristics💪                                                   

Fifth-generation frequency waves with a shorter range than the waves of previous systems, which means the need for more antennas closer to the ground that these differences will not affect the way the antennas work, but

What is the health effect of  5G networks?💀                                            

It is not yet known how this effect will be, but many argue that the more need for more antennas, the greater the health risks, except that these antennas must be modern and that their electromagnetic radiation is much lower than their levels in 2G, 3G and 4G. Nevertheless, some groups in Europe are pressing and working against the adoption of this technology, where a report issued by a European Union negotiation for the last year indicated that studies have not yet found clear evidence of its effect on mammals, birds and insects, and adding "that there is no clear evidence yet The fifth generation technology exposure guide process, leaves the door open to potential unintended biological consequences.

 But is it the end of the 4G?💩                                                

 No, of course, because the application of the fifth generation was not implemented immediately and uniformly around the world, so the system will continue to exist alongside each other, especially since many devices are not compatible with the fifth generation.

Is it a good time to buy a phone with the support of the fifth        generation communications?💤 

 Our answer is no, the time is not right for these phones, we are still in the first stages of development as we mentioned and your purchase of the phone that supports the fifth generation now means that you will miss a lot when it develops and it may change before the new generation becomes available in your place of residence especially if you live in Arab countries. I also advise you not to be discouraged by the attractive advertisements of companies about their phones that support the fifth generation because in reality you will get it is just a new name and you will not enjoy the required speeds yet.
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